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Mr. Temples AP US History Class Website
Power Point
Federalist Paper number 10
Words To Know
Chapter 3: Putting Down Roots
Chapter 4: Whitches and The Law
Chapter 5: The American Revolution
Chapter 1: New World Encounters
Chapter 2: New World Experiments: England's Seventeenth-Century Colonies

Course Overview

The AP-US History course is intended to prepare us, the AP- History student for the college board us history test. Upon completion of the course the students will take the AP History exam free of charge curtousy of the Columbus Public School Board. It is our instructors goal to prepare the class to the fullest extent.With the intentions of preparing our class for the Ap exam we will cover 32 chapters from our textbook entitled America: Past and Present. We will discover the contravorsy and issues surrounding politics and social issues of past and present America.

Whats Happenin' This Week in the Chapter(s).
This Week in Chapter five the American Revolution.............................................

ClassMate's Websites

Comment and compare how well my classmate and I cover the course assigments. If you need more information or a more general outlook corncerning the cirriculum of the course the other website should be used as a refference.  

Sydney Lockett

Valencia Miller

DaShauna Kendrick

Monifa Carslie

Richard Evans

John Dunlap

James Groves

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